Hello Traders, we have included copy trading service for our new and existing clients. Yes you can copy all of our VIP signals for a very reasonable price. Our copy trading has lots of new features so that our clients can get best out of it. We will do everything including the VPS charges. You even do not need any Internet connections. You can see all the signals updates on your mobile/PC.

Copy trading is very simple. All the trades will be taken by our experts and all the trades will be copied to your account instantly within a flash. For example, our account will be the master account and clients account will be slave account. Any trade execute in master account will be copied to all of the slave accounts immediately. Our clients can set his own lot size as per the account size.

Copy Trading Master account: 

We have the myfxbook for our copy trading service as a proof so that clients get a perfect view before taking our service. We have started our copy trading service from October 2020. Below is our report. Please click the below myfxbook link to see our verified copy trading result.



✡️What is the minimum amount required for copy trading?
Ans : 500 usd

✡️Can I start copy trade with any brokers?
Ans: Yes, any brokers, But best recommendation broker will be ICmarkets.

✡️Do you provide copy trading signals with SL and TP?
Ans: Yes, every signal is placed with stop loss and TP

✡️ Can I increase my lot size?
Ans: Yes, You can increase your lot size. It will take 24 hours to reflect on your account. You must adjust the payment as per your account balance by following the below chart if you want to increase the lot size.

✡️Do you trade hedging or average trade?
Ans: No we did not do any hedging or mertingle type trading.

✡️What is the maximum drawdown for copy trading?
Ans: Maximum drawdown will be 30%

✡️What will be the profit range?
Ans: You can accept a minimum 1000 pips on average per month.

✡️Can I place my own trade while taking copy trading service?
Ans: Yes you can but it’s not recommended.

✡️I do not have internet, can I still use copy trading?
Ans: Yes, you do not need to have access to Internet all the time. Our every trade will open and close exactly at same price of master account.

✡️Is there any profit sharing after the month or a fixed cost per month?
Ans: Only a fixed cost per month as per your account size, there is no profit sharing.

✡️What are the requirements for copy trading?
Ans: Your MT4/MT5 account id, password and server.

Copy Trading Pricing & Recommended lot size:

If you have any query regarding our copy trading service, do not feel hesitate to contact with us. The best way to contact us will be the Telegram App and through email.

Telegram: https://t.me/realfmm

Real Forex Public Channel: https://t.me/realforexmm1

Email: [email protected]


You should take all the responsibility for your trading. We never force anyone to take our copy trades. Forex markets is carrying high level of risk and you can lose all of your investment by a single trade. Real Forex Money Management team is not responsible for your trading failure or success. None of these data is a recommendation or financial advice in any sense. Also we do not do any refund for copy trading service.